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Insurance in Action #4: Expat Health Insurance

Source: Swiss-Sure Media
September 09th, 2016

– Off balance, but on guard…

It was a beautiful sunny day in Bangkok. Richie had just finished his first week of work after relocating to Thailand. In the last 6 years he had been posted to Jakarta, Shanghai and Ho Chi Minh City and was enjoying his first weekend off following his latest move.

He had just jumped onto the back of a departing bus, which at that precise moment had begun to depart, catching Richie off balance and sending him falling to the pavement below. He broke his shoulder and arm in 3 places. Fortunately, with all the international travel that Richie faced 6 years ago, he had taken out a comprehensive in and out-patient International Private Medical Insurance (PMI) policy before he began his work overseas. As a result he received the best treatment and rehabilitation that Bangkok had to offer.

Moral of Story: Wherever Richie was posted to or travelled he was certain that if anything unforeseen were to happen, he would be assured of the best possible treatment and support, no matter the location.