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Insurance in Action #5: Travel Insurance

Source: Swiss-Sure Media
October 05th, 2016

– Think outside the box…

Elsa was in the middle of a three month back-packing trip around South East Asia following her graduation from university. While visiting an elephant sanctuary in northern Thailand her DSLR camera went missing – presumed stolen.

She had taken out travel insurance prior to her trip and was aware that she needed to try to file a report at a police station for formal documentation to enable her to make a claim for the loss against her insurance. However, since she was in a rural location with no nearby police station to report the loss to, she gave up, thinking it would be impossible to make claim for the stolen camera.

What she, however, neglected to consider, were other potential sources of evidence for the loss; such as reporting the loss to her hotel, travel agent, tour guide or even her airline.

Moral of the story: think outside the box when seeking evidence to claim for loss or theft on your travel insurance. A police report may not be possible to obtain, however, there may be another party to report the incident to.