Our Story

Swiss-sure_logo_3501988 Swiss-Sure founded by Wayne E. Beer, Friedrich Kuster & Beat Hans Wafler. These three Swiss nationals established the company so as to provide high quality and tailor made international insurance solutions, initially to Hong Kong’s expat population. The Company’s founding motto: Insurance is not only a wise choice – it’s an investment in peace of mind.

1989 The Company launches its
“Comprehensive Family-Protection-Plan”.

1990 Swiss-Sure is commissioned to undertake a study of the Hong Kong Medical Insurance Market for a major Swiss insurer, thereby solidifying the team’s reputation as well-respected sector advisors and consultants.

1991 The Company launches the Welcome to Asia newsletter in a bid to welcome and connect with newcomers to the region. The newsletter proves more popular than the team expected.

1992 The team introduces its
Comprehensive Office Insurance package,
which proves highly popular with the market.

1993 Swiss-Sure celebrates its 5th
anniversary by making a sizeable donation to
ORBIS, the charitable operator of the
world’s only “Flying Eye Hospital”.


flag_vietnam_130px1994 Swiss-Sure co-founder, Beat Hans Wafler, is appointed
Honorary Consul of Switzerland in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and is subsequently elevated to Consul General, a position which he holds to 2014.

1995 Following positive coverage received the previous year in the international press, Swiss-Sure signs its largest Individual Life Insurance contract to-date with an annual premium of over USD 300,000.

logo-swiss-xi1996 marks Swiss-Sure’s first year of support of the Hong Kong Swiss XI amateur football (soccer) team, a partnership that continues to the present day. The team regularly finish in the top portion of Hong Kong’s premier amateur football competition; the Yau Yee League.

flag-hk-130px1997 With sovereignty over the soon-to-be “Special Administrative Region” reverting to Beijing, the Swiss-Sure team reaffirm their commitment to continuing to provide the highest quality international insurance advisory and brokerage services to the people of Hong Kong and the Asia region as a whole.

1998 Swiss-Sure celebrates its
10th anniversary

1999 Swiss-Sure this year began its close association with HK’s distance trail racing events. The team entered, raised charitable funds in support of oxfam_trailwalk-210and raced commendably in a number of trailwalking events. The Company’s commitment to trail racing continues to this day.

logo_swisssure_website2000 The year 2000; the turn of the century and the commencement of the new millennium witnessed Swiss-Sure mark its technological presence on the map with the launch of www.swiss-sure.com. In logo-vertrauenthe same year the Company also formed an affiliation with the Zurich-based Swiss insurance group SIFA GmbH.

act-vietnam-180px2001 act-vietnam-2-250pxSwiss-Sure sponsored the construction and opening of a school in Hoa Hai in northern Vietnam, about 200 km from Hanoi. A number of the Swiss-Sure team and friends of the Company attended the official opening of the school bringing with them gifts for the children and mementos to mark the event.


The Company makes business inroads in new markets with an increased amount of business and enquiries emanating from Southeast Asia

2003 Swiss-Sure reaches landmark of 2000 individual & corporate clients across Asia; the publication Hong Kong Business writes: “It’s Secure, Safe, Swiss and Sure“; and the team receives, for the first time, an invitation to attend the International Medical Insurance Congress.

2004 The team looks to increase its industry network with trips to the “International Medical Insurance” meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark and the International Medical Insurance Congress in Colombo, Sri Lanka.
Additionally, members of the Swiss-Sure team took time out by joining the Disaster Relief team in Sri Lanka to help the victims of the devastation caused across the island by the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami.

goodhealth-230px2005 Swiss-Sure’s ethos has always been built on a commitment to
fashioning high quality and tailored solutions for our clients.
This way of doing business has developed strong customer loyalty, a fact illustrated in 2005 when the Company received an award from a international insurer, Goodhealth, recognising that Swiss-Sure had advised the client on their longest standing corporate medical insurance contract, worldwide.

2006 Swiss-Sure is first selected by the Mediazone Group of publications as one of Hong Kong’s Most Valuable Companies in 2006. Swiss-Sure has achieved this recognition on multiple occasions since its first inclusion this year.

2007 The Swiss-Sure team, which includes staff members, secures first place in the “Raleigh Challenge – Wilson’s Trail” (RCWT), a grueling Raleigh-Race-178 km race traversing some of Hong Kong’s most challenging terrain.  Proceeds from the RCWT go towards Raleigh Hong Kong, a youth-oriented Hong Kong-registered charity.

act-ekrfc-2-240px2008 The Swiss-Sure team celebrates its 20th anniversary with a pocket size book marking 20 years of Company milestones. The book highlights the saying: There is never a good sale for Swiss-Sure, unless it is a good buy for the customer, a sentiment that has guided the Swiss-Sure team since its formation in 1988. The Company also commences with its sponsorship of the East Kowloon Rugby Football Club, a relationship that is ongoing.

2009 Following the signing, the previous year, of a long term agreement to support the East Kowloon RFC, a Swiss-Sure Director was appointed as Honorary President of the Club.

logo-fire-ambassodor2010 In 2010 a Swiss-Sure representative was appointed Vice-Chairman, Islands District Fire Safety Ambassador President Council.

act-raleigh-2-280px2011 Swiss-Sure formed an exchange programme and partnership with Morrison’s Academy located in Creiff, Scotland. Each year in October Swiss-Sure welcomes pupils from the Scottish school to Hong Kong to race the Raleigh Challenge – Wilson Trail.

logo_scen2012 Following the formal establishment of the exchange programme with the Scottish school; Morrison’s Academy, Swiss-Sure becomes closely involved in both the Hong Kong-Scotland Education Connection logo-scotland-edu-1
and also the Scotland-China Education Network, for which a member of Swiss-Sure has a seat on the board.

25th-anniv-silver-coin-140px2013 Swiss-Sure celebrates 25 years of business with a commemorative coin and also this year sponsored the Hong Kong team at the 27th Summer Universiade university games in Kazan, Russia. Swiss-Sure’s support for university sports in HK began in 2011.logo-kazan-russia-180px

2014 In the last 25+ years the Company’s solid reputation, built on a foundation of trust and quality of service, has seen it secure a significant number of loyal individual clients as well as significant group clients.


Located all across Asia, these group clients comprise private banks, international wealth & asset managers, global infrastructure firms and international schools. Indeed, Swiss-Sure celebrated 20 years of partnership with one of Hong Kong’s largest international schools in 2014.

2015Swiss-Sure in 2015 continued its backing of charity and promoting wellbeing. We supported a number of activities organised by wellness charity The Wellbeing Society and formed a partnership with HK-based medical imaging and diagnostic centre Cedar Tree Healthcare.