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Retirement funds, college or university tuition, life insurance and loss of income protection – it’s never too early to think about preparation and protection. Swiss-Sure can offer advisory services on a wide range of related issues. We offer individuals, as well as groups, innovative risk management solutions that are tailor made to their needs.

We offer intermediary services that provide peace of mind through personal financial security for the medium and long term. With Swiss-Sure’s long-term protection, you can set your concerns aside and focus on living for the moment, safe in the knowledge that you and your loved ones will be looked after.

Individual Life

Accident Insurance: an individual insurance contract against loss of life or limbs in case of accident.

Annuity: provides income for a specified period of time to an annuitant. Retirement annuity guarantees a life-long income for old age.

Disability Pension: guarantees a regular substitute income if the insured person becomes disabled. The pension is paid out in monthly or quarterly installments for the duration of the disability.

Education Plan: secures a child’s education in case of death of the premium payer (father/guardian, etc.).

Endowment Insurance: a type of life insurance policy in which the stated benefit is paid to the insured on the maturity date. Often, this type of policy is used as a retirement account. Should the insured die before the maturity date has been reached, a beneficiary will receive the full amount of the policy immediately.

Estate Planning: a plan to be developed in order to transfer all of one’s property from one generation to the next, or within a generation. It provides protection in case of death and also contributes to capital creation.

Joint Life Insurance: an individual protection plan for two persons, consisting of savings and death risk insurance.

Single Premium Plan: a safe form of life insurance. Contrary to customary life insurance, the premium is paid up-front. You benefit from a guaranteed interest rate and potential surplus. This plan offers the individual a financially secure future.

Term Insurance: provides life protection coverage for an insured person for a specified period of time (five, ten, fifteen years). The sum insured is payable if death occurs before the expiry date of the policy.

Whole Life Insurance: life protection coverage throughout the entire life of an insured person. The sum insured is immediately payable at the insured person’s death.

Group Life

Business Partner Protection: insurance purchased on the life of a member of a company by one company. It is often bought by partnerships to protect the surviving partners against loss caused by the death of a partner or by a corporation to reimburse it for loss caused by the death of a key employee.

Group Accident: a contract of insurance purchased by a company for its staff members against loss by an event or occurrence which is unforeseen and unintended.

Group Life: a contract of life insurance written on a number of people under a single master policy issued to their employer or to an association with which they are affiliated.

Key Man Insurance: a contract of insurance designed to protect a business firm against the loss of income resulting from the death or disability of a key employee.

Loss of Income (PHI): a benefit in health, accident, or disability insurance policies to provide for loss of the insured’s wages or income while ill, injured or disabled.

Pension Scheme: a plan established and maintained by an employer, group of employers, union or any combination, primarily to provide for the payment of definitely determinable benefits to participants after retirement.

Provident Fund: a retirement plan for employees. Both employers and employees make contributions to the plan based on a percentage of the employees’ salaries.